“Keeping it local” is extremely important to us and is how we strive to operate our business.  While sourcing our hops, yeast, malt and food items from local purveyors is not always possible, we have been able to develop mutually supportive and collaborative relationships with Arizona based suppliers over the years.  Here are some of the ways in which we Keep Arizona First:

Many of our customers have come to love the amazing burgers that Chef Michael Mahalick has developed over the years and his team has served to you.  From the PAB Burger smothered in Chef’s own Bacon Jam, to the Southern Man with Pimento Cheese and Jalapeño Jam, and the Beef Tatanka with House Buffalo Sauce and Gorgonzola Cream, Chef has always striven to provide fresh and unique hand-held deliciousness.  We source our burger patties from a local butcher in the Valley of the Sun who is supplied by approximately six different Arizona ranches.  French’s Meat Shoppe has supplied quality beef and other products to Arizona restaurants and residents since the late 70’s.  They take great pride in their products which are of the highest quality and all done by hand.  We are proud to serve Arizona Angus Beef for all of our burgers.

While most of our brewing supplies come from the Pacific NW, many might find it unique that all of the wheat used in our brews comes from the very fertile Queen Creek area right here in Central Arizona.  In 2019, our partnership with Grain R&D began and we set about to convert 100% of our wheat supply to Arizona grown Malted White Sonora Wheat.  Grain R&D delivers their beautiful Sonora White Wheat to us on a monthly basis and we use this ancient grain in approximately 85% of our beers.  Sonora is one of the oldest surviving varieties in all of North America and is believed to have been brought to Sonora Mexico in the early 1700’s.  We greatly value not only our personal relationship with Grain R&D, but also all the development and hard work they have done with other breweries, distillers and chefs to bring their local Arizona products to our tables.

Focusing on our local community goes beyond the food on our plates and the beer in our glasses.  To us, it means supporting our community organizations that give back to our neighbors.  We greatly value and very much appreciate our relationship with Peoria Firefighter Charities.  In 2019, we began our relationship with PFFC by donating toys collected during our annual visit from Santa.  In early 2020, we did our first collaboration brew to craft Sirens Red IPA and made our first $1,000 donation in June of 2020.  We continue to brew Sirens Red IPA alongside our Peoria Firefighters and make donations from the proceeds of the beer to help support the mission of Peoria Firefighter Charities.  Our Peoria, Arizona first responders are there for the health and safety of our community and we are honored to be a part of their efforts to serve and give back.